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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No Time To Lose

Hello gentle reader. Once again, the year has come full circle, and this year is no exception. Seldom can it have been a greater pleasure and privilege than it is for me to announce that the UCSB department website is being updated for the new quarter. We have added color photos of most philgrads and some faculty, cleaned up the dead links, updated some info here and there, reinstated the course description archives (the last two years so far; more to come) and added a Links page. As always, we (Chris Tennberg and I) are open to suggestions on how the site can be improved.
The Metaphysics Discussion Group meets tomorrow evening (location undecided, but contact Josh May if you're interested) to discuss our own views on several generally metaphysical issues, as well as Penelope Maddy's "Naturalism and the a priori". As far as I know, meetings for the other groups have not yet been arranged.
The Guerrilla Radio Show had another new broadcast last night, this time discussing Logic and Critical thinking, especially regarding their philosophical import. I wasn't expecting to get a lot of philosophical meat out of that topic (compared to, say, our show on Ethics), but I think we were suitably philosophical. Next week we'll have a special guest in UCLA's Chris Smeenk, helping us discuss the Philosophy of Science. Can't be bad. Toodle-oo.


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