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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wha Happen?

Hey all 2 of you readers. Most of us philgrads have been busy lately, what with term papers and exams coming up. But there's still stuff going on. I missed giving a timely announcement, but there was a meeting of the Santa Barbarians last Monday to discuss more of Kaplan's "Reading 'On Denoting' on its Centenary". Here's the more timely news:
  • This Friday (tomorrow), our department will host a colloquium with Elizabeth Harman, whose talk is titled "The Mistake in 'I'll Be Glad I Did It' Reasoning: The Significance of Future Desires".

  • Chris and I will be performing some wide-ranging updates on the UCSB Philosophy Department's website sometime in the next month or two, including adding color portraits of many faculty and grad students, and cleaning up some odds and sods. If you have a photo of yourself you'd like to see replace our current photo (some of them are decidedly unflattering), please send it to one of us. If you have any suggestions for alterations to the site, let us know.

  • Next Tuesday's broadcast of The Guerrilla Radio Show may be preempted by a UCSB soccer match, so if we air, we'll likely replay a classic show. We do have some guests and topics lined up for future shows, however. See the show's website for details.
I should add that the November 8th broadcast (and its rebroadcast last Tuesday) of the GRS was somewhat controversial (if you missed it, check it out in the GRS archives); some were disturbed by the discussion and some by the format of the show itself. Let it be known that it was a special show broadcast during KCSB's annual pledge drive, and differed somewhat from the format of most of our shows. Usually we actually do a good bit of philosophy (to "wage war against idiocy" as our slogan has it), but on that show we only barely started philosophizing, instead dedicating most of the time to a) soliciting pledges, and b) joking around. Only so much philosophy can be done in an hour-long show, and very little can be done in less than an hour, so we decided to "fight idiocy with idiocy" for a lark. Make of that what you will, but we had some fun. We now return you to your regularly scheduled philosophy talk show, already in progress. For some nearby value of "now".

There are 2 weeks (!) left in the quarter before finals, so there may be some dead air on der blog here, as it were. However, I happen to know that all the philgrads (and our special guest bloggers) are all philosophizing on a regular basis, so perhaps someone will give us a real philosophical post for the first time in a while. ;) ;)


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