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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The phil-lang reading group will be discussing David Lewis's "Index, Context and Content" and "Attitudes de dicto and de se" (not just the first of those, as previously stated) on Thursday at 6 at the usual location. Invited parties are interested to come, and vice versa.
Note that at the end of next week we'll have two southern-Cal conferences. On Friday the 28th at UCLA is ParsonsFest, and on Saturday the 29th is the 10th annual Southern California Philsophy Conference at Cal-State, Northridge. Check the page for the latter and you'll see some UCSB names in the presenter list. I'll probably be going to both of those; I encourage my fellow philgrads to get out to some of the upcoming conferences (there are more coming in November); even if you're carless, others will be going with whom you can hitch.


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