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Friday, October 14, 2005

Reading group updates/corrections

Hi again. My last post wasn't entirely accurate, as I later learned. Here's the scoop on the reading groups, where it differs from before.
  1. The Phil-mind reading group discussed Fodor's "A Theory of Content I", and when they next meet they will discuss "A Theory of Content II" and perhaps some of Fodor's The Elm and the Expert. A meeting time has not yet been set, but it won't be Tuesday at 4pm.
  2. The Phil-lang group will meet again next Thursday (Oct 20; same time/place) to discuss David Lewis's "Index, Context and Content".
That's all for that stuff. And thanks to Chris for bravely making the following true: (he is not Luke & he posted to this blog). Yea! Come on Megalon, rise up!


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