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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is your hair as dull and lifeless as your brain?

Didn't work start at 9? Where's your shirt? Did you even remember to wear it?
I know you. I used to be you. That's when I started listening to the Guerrilla Radio Show. Tonight's show is part of our intro series, Ethics 101. Tune in, as we laugh, cry, and maybe even learn a little something about ourselves. That's right, the webcast is back up after being down for several weeks, and the show's back in action! Join us, won't we?

On another note, the department website is currently getting a minor overhaul. We're cleaning up the code crumbs and bringing you some more greasy goodness. Greasy in a good way.

Josh May has announced the rock and roll creation of another discussion/reading group, this one focusing on the Metaphysics. There's even a webpage. Hot damn.

Everybody keep thinkin'... and watch out for snakes.


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