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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who will teach the robots to love?

Hi folks. We're past the halfway point in the quarter and I'm finally grading midterms. Woo! That's part of the reason I'm behind on the philosophy blotter. To catch you up since the last episode:
  • The bowling photos are up

  • We had a cool colloquium with Thomas Hofweber, talking about "Logicism Without Logic"

  • Tomorrow (Friday, May 12) we're going to have another colloquium (the last one this year) with Sam Rickless, talking about "Berkeley's Argument for Idealism"

  • The Guerrilla Radio Show had that second show about paradoxes and puzzles, with special guest star Dylan Dodd on which we discussed the Ship of Theseus (briefly) and the Lottery Paradox (also somewhat briefly) and played a recorded interview with Nathan Salmon about Kripke's Puzzle About Belief.

  • The GRS then took a break this past Tuesday; we'll likely come back next week to talk about skepticism. Ooh, spooky!

  • The Wittgenstein group met and then took off this week; most likely next week we'll discuss roughly the first half of section 5.

  • Somewhat recently, two of our beloved philgrads received awards! Carl Barnes for his teaching, and Jonny Way for an excellent paper. Show me up, will you? [Diabolical laughter]

  • From the rumor mine (we don't have a mill yet): The philosophy of mind reading group may reconvene this summer, after it's golden slumbers.

Ok, that's enough <li> tags for me. Thanks to Huiyuhl for posting and generating discussion. I hope I have time to read through it and perhaps add something (though I'm not up on that literature). And on a random note, if you've ever watched the tv show Wonder Showzen, see if you can catch the "diversity" episode (the one where the letters and numbers are fighting) for a funny presentation of the problem of evil. Best of all possible worlds, my ass. :)


  • At 5:27 AM, Blogger Luke Manning said…

    I just realized that I mistyped "it's" for "its" in that last list item. Damn! I could have just corrected the post, but this makes it look like there's a real comment on it. Ha! And while we're talking about how (to quote Moltar) "the trueness of one's truth is clearly based on their vernacular inaccuracies," the phrase "grading midterms" here was misused to mean "planning to grade midterms as far in the future as I can plausibly get away with." But that should come as no surprise to some of you.
    By the way, the Rickless colloquium went down, and not in flames but in glory. That guy is pretty good at jiggy-jive talkin' about Berkeley. "Woo" to that.


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